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Harriet Gotwein, Miki Toussia-Cohen (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

Five third-graders and three kindergartners/first-graders arrived.

I wrote the ABC’s on the board and taught them a new tune for the alphabet song.

Then I asked each child to say a word beginning with a particular letter and we wrote it on the board and in their notebooks.

The little girls colored in the meantime and I also gave them a simple puzzle (thanks to Marci for all the materials!!).

Today we worked on colors and reviewed what family members are called.

The children’s favorite activity is doing puzzles!

An anecdote:  N., the housemother, asked me who’s better – her daughter, Salsabil or a Wassim, a new boy.  I was slightly taken aback by the question and asked her whether they’re competing.  She said they compete in school (they’re in the same class).  I told her they’re both good.

We finished as usual with both classes singing together, and today I brought percussion instruments for the children to play.


Harriet’s report:

I taught the 9-10 year olds.  There were two boys and three girls.

The topic was “My store.”  After reviewing the new vocabulary each pupil selected a page on which I’d printed 12 pictures of various items of the same kind – clothing, toys, bicycles, etc.

Pairs of children took turns, one buying and one selling.