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Shosh. reporting, Roy and Anna Yoga teacher, Shosh English teacher, Nadim.

Jurish shift, Tapuah junction 


We left at 02:15 from Rosh Ha'Ayin and arrived at Juarish at 15:00.

Five soldiers stood at the Hitch-hikers station at the Ariel junction, in the direction of the Tapuah junction.

On the way back at 17:40 we noticed a military command car and jeep at the Harsa junction. On the other side workmen waited for their transportation.

At the passage CP we were stopped for checking. They checked our Identity cards and the luggage compartment of the car. We continued smoothly.


Owing to the inequality in the knowledge of the language it became necessary to teach in two levels; I prepared different material for beginners and advanced pupils. Anna and Roy taught the beginners basic material.

We read a short notice from the newspaper, of course rewritten in easy English, about the attack of the Ku Klux Klan on a synagogue in Alabama on the 15th of March fifty years ago. S. promised to prepare a conversation on the subject for next week.