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Sara K., Naomi Bentsur (reporting), Nadim (driving), Translator: Charles K.



13:30  We left from the Rosh Ha’ayin train station.


We saw no unusual incidents along Highway 5; two soldiers in the parking lot at Tapuach junction, two at the bus stop and one more in the guard tower.


14:15  We arrived in Jurish.  Slowly, and late, the seven girls arrive for the English and yoga classes.  Since their proficiency in English isn’t uniform we divide them into two groups.  Four, more skilled, and three others.  The more advanced are given a picture of a magician appearing before a group of children.  They count the items in the picture and describe what it shows, then the presentations begin.  Each introduces herself as a magician appearing before an “audience” and does a “trick” with the aid of items to hand: coins, pieces of paper, a handkerchief, etc.  After the magician is applauded one of the audience explains in English, in the past tense, using the new words, how the trick was accomplished.  Then the girls are asked (two are in twelfth grade and two in tenth) what they’ll do after they finish high school.  They all intend to continue to university!


The proficiency of the second group is quite different.  They have a very small English vocabulary and make many grammatical errors.  They are also much less motivated to learn than the girls in the advanced group.  They practice interrogative words (when, where, who) in short sentences.


While one group learned English Sara gave a yoga class to the other.  Part of it involves lying on mattresses Sara brings with her.  The girls leave the yoga class calm and satisfied.


16:45  We leave.  There are almost twice as many soldiers as we saw on our way to Jurish.  A military vehicle is parked at the junction of Highway 5 and the road to Kedumim and Revava. 


17:15  Back to Rosh Ha’ayin.