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Marcia L., Ronny P. (reporting); Translator: Ayala Sussmann

We reached the CP after 5 am and immediately realized that something was wrong. The CP hadn't been opened yet. We didn't even know whether someone had passed through since 4:00 am. Indeed, at 5:25 the passage was opened. There was a large crowd and all those waiting complained that the CP hadnt been opened. The situation was difficult at the Humanitarian gate as well. A boy in a wheelchair had passed through before 6:00. The DCO staff arrived at 6:20 - only rarely do they arrive at 6am - a situation that causes delays and pressure.
We met a father and son on their way to a trial at Ofer. They were worried that they'd be late for their 8am summons.They begged to pass through at Ofer,  were at first denied and only  later were granted the "right" .
This CP is so harsh that it is terrible to see the price these people are paying in order to secure a decent living.