Haris, Huwwara, Jit Junction , Kifl Harith, Nabi Ilyas, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Sarah H., Nurit P. (reporting) Natanya translating.



9.30 The railway station at Rosh Ha-ayin. Nadim is waiting for us. P. from Im'matin phoned and said that because of the rainy weather the women would not come to the activities. We decide to make a tour.

9.40 At the crossroads of Alfei Menashe a Hummer passes us.  

9.50 Nabi Ilyas. A closed army command car passes us.

10.00 An army jeeps is parked on the hill opposite Yitzhar looking towards Burin.

10.20 Huwwara checkpoint, 2 soldiers next to their vehicle.  One is watching us . A truck with a crane is parking next to the checkpoint.  At the circle next to the checkpoint the post is manned. At the hitching post of Bracha settlement a soldier stands.

10.45 Huwwara. A shop owner, a friend of Nadim’s, tells us that on Monday, two days ago, an Israeli police patrol arrived in the morning, invaded the garages at the place and took 20 Israeli cars (we guess that most of the cars belong to Israelis' Arab who had left the cars for repairs)  and took them to the checkpoint of Za’tara/Tapuach for an investigation together with the owners of the business who had been dealing with them. They only allowed them at night time to return home.

11.00 Near Za’tara an army jeep travels in the direction of Huwwara. At the checkpoint the traffic flows. The only car in the parking lot is an army jeep. There are as yet no checking. The post is manned.

On route 5 an army jeep goes towards the crossroads.

11.15 Kifl Harith.  A bulldozer is next to the gate. It is not clear what it is doing there.

11.30 At the exit of Haris an army vehicle travels in the direction of Emanuel.

12.00 We left back to Rosh Ha-ayin