Far'ata – Hebrew and Crochet lessons

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Yehudit, Liora (reporting) , Lilly (guest and translating from Arabic), Ayala (translator)

13:30: Paid a visit to Z.'s shop in 'Azzun. We brought him loads of men's clothing and shoes as well as kitchen utensils. His shop was full of merchandise. He told us that he had acquired merchandise from a person in Rosh Ha'ayin. He refrained from going to TA last week – although he had a permit – due to lack of money.

2:00: Reached Far'ata and awaited our students, who were slowly gathering. We met in the kindergarten, located high up on a hill. Difficult access. Finally, some 10 students arrived for the Hebrew lesson and five for the crochet. I had been meaning to go ahead with my planned lesson but once the students heard about my trip to Romania they were eager to hear more and then they asked me to start teaching them writing. They were very excited and eager. Some of them had a Hebrew book and were following the lesson well. Progress was very good, thanks to Lilly's (my mother) assistance as well as to H., who participated. This charming woman, around 60 yrs old, had self-taught herself.  I warned them that there would be an exam in two months, to which they responded like kids.

The crochet class was very impressive as they seem to be either very gifted or experienced and have wonderful accomplishments. Neither they nor Yehudit wished to part.

One km east of Azzun we noted the command car that was usually there, facing the road, and the soldiers standing nearby. At the exit (east side) from Nabi Ilyas there were three command cars, perhaps a surprise CP, but there were no cars waiting to be checked.