Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Galit A., Hagit B. (reporting); Naomi S. (trans)


No special events. Quiet, deserted and sad.

Route 60

Kvasim Junction: The jeep of a Captain George-like [a name that came up in association with some especially gruesome investigations some years ago] Shabak personality is standing there, stopping passers-by for random talks. People have almost no possibility of evading – no IDs are taken, but nor are you allowed to just pass by.


Shuyokh-Hebron Junction: the square's construction – funded with American money – is finished. How sad it is, though, that the sign pointing in the direction Hebron leads to a blocked route [see below], with the IDF making itself manifestly present.  Still, the route to Shuyokh and Sa'ir is open and that does make a difference, at least insofar as the children's passage is now much safer. 

In photos below (blocked road to Hebron, with IDF jeep on the sideway; turn to Shayuokh and Sa'ir open; Signpost noting USAID funding]

תמונה: ‏בצומת שיוך שעיר וחברון על כביש 60 סוף
                    סוף הקימו כיכר במימון אמריקני, רק שהכניסה לחברון
                    עדיין חסומה. הגיון אין חוץ מהצורך להקשות .‏תמונה: ‏וזאת הצומת מהצד
                    השני.‏תמונה: ‏המימון האמריקאי לצומת.‏


For more on this subject, see: http://www.machsomwatch.org/reports/checkpoints/03/03/2014/morning/25480#sthash.6Uj7jjzE.dpuf )