Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tue 8.10.13, Morning

Nathanya J., Yehudit K, Michal Ts. (reporting), Translator Devora K.

Road 60

An observation balloon is hovering over the region. The blockage below  Beth Haggai was opened and the road is full of vehicles at the southern entrance to Hebron. Soldiers come down from the pillboxes and inspect those who are going in.



Giv'ati soldiers or Border Patrol soldiers are standing in all the CPs. They do not detain anybody. But one strict woman soldier approaches us quickly at the Pharmacy CP because we dared go over to the Palestinian side. "You are not allowed to be here - only on the other side near the concrete huts!" We tell her that we haven't gone over into H1. We just came closer to the fence and to the turnstile. Until now none has forbidden us to  do that. Are these new instructions? "No." she answers, it's always been that way and I'm telling you now - only near the concrete huts."

The house that is near Beth Ham'riva (the House of the Quarrel) looks abandoned but  they have hung an Israeli flag on it too, in addition to all the flags, the signs, and the notes. The important thing is that it is still empty and barricaded.

We went to see what is happening in the house on the Zion axis, where soldiers climbed up to the roof yesterday and tried to forbid its renovation. There is a small consolation, the soldiers have understood that the construction received a permit from the authorities and were happy to notify the people that they can go on with the construction without any interference.


Axis of those Going to Pray

The shortcut from Kiryat Arba is almost finished. They spread yellow sand on the Eckerstein floow. It reminds Yehudit of the road of yellow bricks from the Wizard of Oz. Nathanya asks: "Is that a passage to Keshet?" We see that beyond this apartheid road there are concrete curls that isolate the residents of the region when the Jews of the holy community of Kiryat Arba go to pray in the Makhpela Tomb. But this side is very steep and full of holes, it is not paved and passage is not possible. But who cares? Let them fall. Who are they after all?