Reihan, Shaked, Wed 5.12.12, Afternoon

Milra and Hanah H.

15:30 – Shaked checkpoint  


Vehicles as well as pedestrians cross over on both sides. Passage is quick.


16:00 – Reihan checkpoint

Upon our arrival we saw about 100 people going up the sleeveinfo-icon, fast and get out by the vehicles inspection post. It turns out that the computers inside the terminal are out of order. One of the checkpoint workers had sorted out people according to their work place; Those returning from Israel went by one by one  and their permits were checked. Those working at the Seam Line zone were inspected by the Bio-Metric device for personal recognition, located at the vehicle inspection post. In the mean time they were joined by 100 more people. Passage by the carousel was handled in a perfect order and swiftly, too bad that it had stopped at 16:25 when the computer were back in order.


16:25-  People who had returned from Jenin and were detained at the terminal until the computer regain function, are now coming out. Workers who go back to the West Bank enter the terminal in groups of 6-7 at a time and are handled in only one window.


16:35 – Five illegal aliens are detained  inside the terminal. Many crowed by the carousel awaiting entrance to the terminal, one security officer lines people up in two lines: Those returning from Israel are let in through one  carousel and go to a window that was just opened. Those returning from the Seam Line zone' are let inside in groups of 20 through the other carousel.

Passage is swift and there is no crowing outside.