Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 24.10.12, Morning

Raya, Ronit (guest), Hagit S. (reporting)

Trans. by Naomi S.


Once again, we preferred crossing through Meytar over Taquomiya


South Mount Hebron

Along the entire road – Route 60 and more generally – there wasn't much traffic: relative quiet.

Next to Dura Elfawwar there's a new camerainfo-icon. The olive-harvest is in its midst, olive groves and vineyards are clean and well-kept.

Around Sousiya – Kefir soldiers detained a vehicle with some people in it. Following a check-up, they were allowed to go on their way.



At the south exit from Kiryat Arba, a military vehicle stands solitary. Immediately next to it – a police vehicle conducts "winter-preparedness" checks to Palestinian vehicles. At the top of Avihai Hill a vehicle and some building remnants can still be seen.

Beit ha'Meriva (the house of disputation) is surrounded by wires and fences, but the Israeli flag still blows on top.

At Abed's – various tourist groups, one of them guided by Hagit Ofran (Peace Now).

Beit Hamichpala – flags, no soldiers.

In a few days, it is Id-Al-Adha which is perhaps why so many children can be seen everywhere. In the Zip grocery store, there was still olive oil.