Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Thu 27.9.12, Morning

Rahel M., Shosh H., Michaela R. (reporting)


Re: תרגום 27.9.12 בוקר

6:50 Sheikh Saed
Children cross easily.
Men wait in the corridor; they're allowed to cross only at 7, and meanwhile the corridor fills up.  When they cross a female soldier shouts "One by one, don't you understand Hebrew?"  After c. 15 mins. the line disappears.
7:40 Olive Terminal
Young students from Al Quds University are waiting in the square.  They are on their way to Tal-Aviv and Jaffa, and the beach too.
A jeep patrols, most of the time parked by the regular breach in the fence.  Another jeep patrols on the Al-Ezariya side, warning drivers away with an amplifier at full volume.
At the checkpoint, there is a short line in the first corridor.  The second is not operating. In the third people wait to enter the DCO. 
We saw the kids from the nuns' kindergarten next to the Pishpash.  What a distance these little ones have to cross to their kindergarten!
We met an old friend, a senior doctor who also works in Hadassah and gets invited to many conferences around the world, yet he still has to carry a permit for limited hours, and has no permit to use his car.  For every emergency he must contact the liason offices and wait for a permit.