Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Sun 2.9.12, Morning

Lea, Yael

Translated by Naomi Gal


The first day of school West Bank

7:00 to 10:00

Many workers were crowded in the parking lot on the Israeli side. On the Palestinian side the last group of workers is in the sleeveinfo-icon. Among them are two Arab women – for the first time we saw women amongst the passers. One of the workers explained that the women trade in clothes. Two volunteers from the ecumenical church were counting the people passing. Turns out they arrive at 3 AM with the opening of the checkpoint to perform this sacred chore. The girl is the one who went on a tour with Michal and Hagit on August 27, and is still under the impact of what she saw.

Route 60

Children are back again on the side of the road, on their way to school.


The tour was marked by the beginning of the school year. We visited all the schools in the area.

In the boy’s school the director – in his Sunday’s clothes - let us in so we could see the renovations made ​​during summer. Indeed, the paint is fresh, but renovations are still underway and the first floor is still a worksite. On the other hand in the entrance hall there is already a stage for converging.

We noted some expansion at Cordoba School - students are studying in the house that’s above the main building so that one could get there walking on the protected path.

We visited, without bathing; Abraham’s Spring and went back by Abed, who already opened his store. Maybe he opens earlier on account of the renovations.