'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 18.6.12, Morning

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Lea R., Ana N-S


06:05 07:20 Farming checkpoint A'aneen

Residents of A'aneen wait at the lower car park to cross over into the Seam Line zone. We can't see them but do hear their voices.

An iron bar at the center of the post blocks passage. A soldier holding a pointed gun towards those waiting is joined by a second soldier.

Inspection is extremely slow and takes place near the exit gate.

A local resident arrives at the site, approaches the female soldier sitting on the top of the elevated concrete block and hands her a piece of paper. She registers him in her notes and he proceeds on his way out of the checkpoint while she yells:"Tomer, send them in one by one". Tomer does just that and when she is through with one she yells again:"Tomer, send one", Tomer complies and this goes on.

In between they find time to chat leisurely, who care about the locals.


06:15 – About 30-40 people are waiting, many youngsters, and parents with children on their summer break.


06:30 – Another 25 people, as well as a few tractors, are still waiting.


06:50 – The soldiers talk about a certain military action. A military vehicle enters and exits a few minutes later. Soldiers are sent to close the gatesinfo-icon, provoking an immediate angry, loud reaction from those waiting at the lower car park. We call the DCO and the Battalion alerting them that the gate is being closed while many people still await passage, and they order soldiers to let everyone through. About 20 people who were going to be sent back home, and a few tractors, cross over quickly into the Seam Line zone.

Residents ask us to come and observe on Thursdays mornings and afternoons.


07:30 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

From the direction of the West Bank people cross over into the Seam Line zone, and in the other direction mostly students are waiting (going to the University at Jenin). An elderly woman on her way to see a doctor in the West Bank is worries that she might not be back home before the gates close. She consults with us . This is a moment that symbolizes the injustice of occupation. The owner of the land asks us, the occupier, if the soldiers would still be here when she wishes to return home. And how should she adapt to the occupation regulations?

A group of female teachers followed by a group of male teachers come out of the inspection cabin on their way to supervise exams (matriculations?) at Barta'a or elsewhere at the Seam Line zone.

G. our dear acquaintance once again crosses over from Tura. This normally very calm person is angry; He received the number 20 upon arrival and it has taken him an hour to get inside. He asks the soldier, why does it have to be so?

Another person from the village of Meissar, concludes :"Look, the entire West Bank is a big ghetto, You who've lived in ghettoes are now doing it to us…. Ghetto for the body and ghetto for the soul".


08:00-08:30 The new Barta'a checkpoint – Reihan -

At this time about 8 trucks and pickup trucks wait on the road. The car park is full. A woman from Barta'a and her small daughter and another relative wait to go to Jenin. The driver would leave only after he fills up his car.

Passage is routine, fast, no problems were observed. Occupation from heaven.