Hebron, Wednesday, 21.9.2011, Morning

Observers: Orit L., Raya Y. (reporting)


Translator:  Charles K.




This morning was a “different” day throughout the southern Hebron hills region.

Many, many military vehicles and soldiers at every junction, every checkpoint and every corner on the way to Hebron, and in Hebron.

Very few Palestinian vehicles and taxis.

School ended in Hebron at 10 AM.

Some of the shops and garages are closed.

Residents we spoke with made sure to tell us that there will be no disorder, no violence, and the assemblies and meetings in Hebron will be organized and orderly, supervised by the Palestinian police who won’t permit things to get out of hand.


And, in fact, that’s how it was this morning…


‘Abed and his son, Muhammad, who live opposite the Cave of the Patriarchs, were interviewed on Channel 1’s Tuesday evening news program (they didn’t watch because they don’t receive it at home).


The quiet is chilly, cold, and mainly tense.