Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 14.9.11, Morning

Raya, Hagit S. (reporting)
9.30 - 12.30


Translator: Charles K


We’re asked for ID’s at the entrance to Kiryat Arba.  The guy doesn’t recognize our white car…x

A tractor and crane on the road up to Kiryat Arba, hanging Israeli flags.  Israeli flags also along the road up to Tel Rumeida.x

Overall, it’s quiet here, few people in the streets.  Tel Rumeida – a nice soldier (who immigrated six years ago from Ethiopia and volunteered to serve in the army) tells us they’re undergoing special training in anticipation of 20.9.11, preparing for riots.x

Two Palestinian residents of Hebron talk to us in English, and when we ask “what will happen here on September 20,” reply that nothing will happen; people are just talking but they’re sure they won’t do anything.x

“It’s all talk,” people here don’t want anything to happen and won’t do anything.x

Next to the Cave of the Patriarchs – Michael from “Breaking the Silence” with a group of female Polish tourists. He tells us that things will get interesting this afternoon: the governor of Hebron will come with Issa (the friend of Michael, Tzipi's son) to hold a ceremony changing the name of Shuhada street to “Apartheid Street.”x

‘Abed and his son also say nothing will happen on the 20th:  “No one has strength, people haven’t food at home, they’re in despair, don’t want another intifada.  The first, with Arafat, was no good, the second, with Abu Mazen, was also no good, if there’s another intifada something even worse will come (“like Hitler for us”), enough, we don’t want anything.”x

We went up the deserted Worshippers route.x

 We also asked at the grocery in Tarqumiyya; the answer – “Us – we’re not interested.”  We don’t want anything.  We only want quiet.  If children come to throw stones, we’ll chase them away.”x

People at the Tarqumiyya crossing told us they don’t want the UN declaration, because then they won’t be able to find work…x