Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Thu 4.8.11, Morning

Judy A. Mira B. (reporting) Mohamad (driving)

Meitar crossing

Clear. Not much traffic going in either direction aside from some truck going in the direction of Hebron.

Road 60

All the crossings were open and traffic moving freely. At Abda, there were military vehicles on the side of the road.  Mohamed thought the army was having a training exercise. He saw them earlier in the week.


Between Ramadan and school vacation, there were few people on the streets and most shops were closed.  It might be better to come later in the morning or in the afternoon during this period.  As we drove toward the Pharmacy checkpoint, we noticed an army bulldozer on the side of the road and a crane working in a blocked side street. One of the soldiers told us that Palestinians had found a way to circumvent the blocked street and were using the passage as short cut to get home. The soldiers were spending the day blocking the passage with more rubble and huge concrete blocks. The blocks were lifted by the crane and placed on the far side of the permanent blockade to make sure the passage would be blocked from both side. Two men from TIPH joined in observing the work.