Bethlehem, The Solitary House Chusan, Tuesday 12.4.11 am

NavaE., Drora P. (reporting)


06:45 am, Bethlehem – Checkpoint 300 (Rachel’s Crossing):  we arrived at 06.45. There were no vehicles outside except for one bus – meaning that most of the Palestinians had already gone out to work. Indeed Only two inspection stations were in operation but there was no queue. According to several Palestinians’ reports everything was fine. Even the female soldiers were pleasant   . . . they should come every day.

The obvious question that arises from days like this is why  can’t the passage through the checkpoints always be so smooth ?

The Solitary House in Zone B  

People passed through on their way to work. One of them told us that for him Passover is a good opportunity to make some money; he does the pre-Passover house-cleaning and gets paid for it properly (this could be an interpretation that the oppressed can also enjoy the feast of freedom).