Etzion DCL, Mon 16.5.11, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Ora A. (reporting). Charles K. (translating)

16:45 -13:50


  Etzion DCL :

unbelievable!  Everyone who was waiting got in, and by closing time they’d all come out.  True, not many people were waiting today, perhaps because of the closureinfo-icon; and it’s true that things went very slowly today and people had to wait for hours, and it’s true that suddenly everything stopped and no one was allowed in or came out, and people were again let in only after we contacted the humanitarian office, but, despite it all, a success story – by the end of the day everyone had been taken care of.


when we arrived we saw two men who had come out holding magnetic cards.  They told us six people were waiting inside.  Seven waited at the revolving gate, and three more in the waiting room. 


a man came out who said he’d been waiting since ten.  After a long break, and a call to the humanitarian office, a woman came out at 14:25.

At 14:40a young man came out, followed by a teacher we’d met two weeks ago who had to return today.  She looked tired but satisfied.

Not everyone came out satisfied.  A man with an appointment for an eye operation in a Jerusalem hospital who didn’t receive a permit to enter the city because the Shin Bet objects came out disappointed and worried.

A woman from Beit Jala who had been refused a magnetic card because “today they’re only handling residents of Bethlehem, not Beit Jala,” also came out disappointed.

A man approached us.  He said that his house, which is near the DCL, has no water or electricity.  Despite his requests, he’s not being allowed to connect to the electrical and water grids that serve the settlers whose groves surround his house.  He’s forced to buy water and have it delivered by tanker to his house, and it lasts only a few days.

A short while ago he began installing a bathroom in the courtyard of his house, but one of the settlers demand he stop and threatened to harm him if he continues.

 At 15:00   five people were let in. 

At 15:45  the rest were let in and the waiting room was empty. 

By 16:45 they’d all come out, one after another.

A young man approached us, complaining that the Shin Bet is pressuring him to collaborate.  They say, “Help us – and we’ll help you.”  We’ve already heard this identical complaint – in the same words – a number of times.  An older man told us he owns land and is being pressured to sell.  He refuses.  He’s being threatened.

Does this remind you of a story in the bible?  Maybe it reminds us about Nabot the Jezre’elite?