Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tue 28.6.11, Morning

Yael Z., Michal Z. (reports)

Translator:  Charles K.

Meitar crossing

All the laborers have crossed.  Two buses carrying relatives of prisoners already arrived and have begun crossing without being delayed.

Route 60

Crowded with vehicles, including military vehicles.

On the way to Abda, soldiers are stopping and inspecting cars, but release them immediately.

They’re also inspecting cars at the entrance to Dura. When we came back, soldiers had come down from the pillbox and were standing behind the concrete barriers, making a show of their presence.

Kvasim junction

Soldiers stand in the sheep market. Why?! To demonstrate their presence – otherwise, how would everyone know “We’re Here!”?


Truth be told, we expected unrest in Kiryat Arba following yesterday evening’s events involving the adherents of Rav Leor. But everything is quiet and peaceful. We see people at Mizpeh Avihai and also at the Federman farm. When will they be removed?!

A full bus, including guards, stops at Baruch Goldstein’s grave – may his name be blotted out! Everyone throngs to the site.

Hebronis very quiet. Summer vacation affects the morning routine. The Shimshon battalion is now stationed in the city.

Two CPT volunteers asked us to show them a Jewish settlement. They never dared go to Kiryat Arba, and are extremely curious. So we “treated” them, and showed them around. The guard at the town’s entrance scrutinizes us suspiciously when he sees we’re making a second circuit. OK, he relaxes, he recognizes us and the strangers don’t look dangerous. He “allows us” to go through. These lords of the land have so much authority!

Our tourists are excited and amazed to see the attractive, well-ordered city, its industrial area and the residents who appear normal.

They ask questions which indicate they don’t know very much. We explain who, what and when.

For them, it’s a journey to a country that’s different from their expectations and they’re excited. They thought that no one worked, that everyone studied, was very religious and all the rest….

They didn’t imagine a settlement that was actually a city; they thought everything would be small, like a kibbutz, with a few eccentrics. They seem to understand that the Israeli government knowingly made a considerable investment to build a large locality.

We returned them to Hebron.  They thank us, as if we did them a wonderful favor.