Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 12.4.11, Morning

Hagit B., Michal Z. (reporting)

Southern Hebron Hills, Hebron, Sansana (Meitar crossing), Tuesday, 12.4.11, morning
Observers:  Hagit B., Michal Z. (reporting)
Translator:  Charles K.

A quiet, chilly morning.
Nothing out of the ordinary, the “boring” Occupation routine.

Meitar crossing – all the laborers crossed; there aren’t any relatives of prisoners.
Route 60 – no flying checkpoints, almost no military presence.

There are no detaineesinfo-icon at any checkpoint in Hebron either.  The entire H2 area is a ghost town, as usual.  Is it the cold that keeps everyone inside?

Only at Curve 160 has a Palestinian car been asked to stop, its passengers walking from the checkpoint toward the Jebel Johar neighborhood.

We hasten to ask the Border Police soldiers for the reason.

The answer is horribly simple:  The checkpoint is out of order, and the person who’s able to open it is temporarily unavailable.  As far as they’re concerned, they’d leave it open all the time.
Without a doubt - the IDF in all its glory.

The whole city is full of Israeli flags, and others reading “Hebron Forever.”  It’s not clear what the occasion is.
Border Police soldiers on the Worshippers Route near the Cave of the Patriarchs ask who we are, where we’re going, but don’t hold us up.
We left, deciding to return via Route 317.  Everything is deserted there as well, other than a squad of soldiers on the dirt road to Yatta, opposite the road up to Attawani.

Farmers work in the fields; we go over to see why the soldiers are there, who and what are they guarding.
It’s not clear; they leave immediately, and so do we.  The area is full of shepherds with their flocks.  We’re glad to see that today no one is disturbing them.  Misleadingly pastoral.