Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 29.12.10, Morning

Raya and Hagit S. (reporting)

29.12.2010 Translation: Bracha B.A.

We left Tarkomiya at 09:30.

Route 35

A group of soldiers is waiting at back of the pillbox at the humanitarian checkpoint. At the entrance to Kiryat Arba our driver Mohammed is asked to show his ID and we all show ours and demand that all be checked. The soldier does so to appease us, saying "as you wish."  When we ask for his name he says, "I came here by myself" (a common child's reply in Hebrew). Unpleasant. Today we covered our usual route in reverse and began with Abed at the Cave of the Patriarchs. We met a large group of Christians from EAPPI and heard about their activities.    


At Tel Romeida we talk with soldiers from the Lavi Brigade. The lieutenant tells us that we are brave and asks, "aren't you afraid that the Palestinians will harm you?"

They feel the Palestinians are bringing their situation upon themselves, and report that a week ago they saw Palestinian children throwing stones at people from the TIPH. The unit commander arrives and we have a good discussion with him too. He is aware of the complexity of the situation here and in general. On our way from the Shouhada Street we meet Yehuda from "Breaking the Silence" who is touring with a large group of Israelis.   

At the grocery store near Tarkomiya they have run out of olive oil.