Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sun 14.11.10, Afternoon

orit Y., Ruth O. (reporting)




13:30 - 16:00

An uneventful shift, only some depressing thoughts.


Driving through Jabel Muckaber, along the American road and down the slope from Abu Dis towards the Olive CP, makes one realize how hypocritical the declaration of our leaders is that all of
is ours. All the roads are narrow and full of holes, some parts even unpaved. The filth is unbearable; all garbage cans are overflowing and dirt gathers in heaps along the sides. All this testifies that there is no municipal care whatsoever in these parts of the combined city. There is only one bright spot the new school with its colorful windows built by the Palestinian authority!


As usually at this hour of the day, the OliveTerminal is empty.


In Wadi Nar the traffic flows undisturbed in all directions. The soldiers don't insist on a sterileinfo-icon area in front of the check point and they even lost their hand wave ordering the traffic to approach.

Our presence did not arouse any interest, and although we came very close to their post, no one came to ask us what we are doing there.

Only one car which came from the south was held up for paper inspection of five minutes.

As said above a very boring shift!