Hebron, Wed 12.5.10, Morning

Nurit B. and Netanya (reporting)

Translated by Naomi S.

Guests: Lili from Jerusalem; Fred and Ronie, from Canada.
7:30am we meet our punctual driver, M. at the garage.


We drove in Hebron, while Fred took photo after photo. Again, as happened the last time, when we drove there with my niece, Corine, Fred wanted to take photos of the graffiti next to Beit Hadasa on the Shouhada St., the same area where Anat, the aggressive settler lives. Since we saw her car, we decided to follow M. (the driver)'s advice and rode off.

Pharmacy Checkpoint: we stopped next to the boys' school, next to the Pharmacy CP and saw the children walk through uninterrupted by the soldiers.

Lili, our guest, wanted to see what happens inside the booth, where the magnometer, through which the pupils pass, is placed and the soldiers readily allowed her to do so. On the other side, there were two CPT observers, standing. We talked to them. According to them, the situation in Hebron is better when NAHAL (IDF brigade) soldiers are there, as now, compared to past months, when it was Lavie soldiers, of the Kfir Brigade. Although many IDF jeeps can be seen at every corner, everything is now much calmer and quieter in Hebron.

Along the Shouhada St., up to the Tarpat CP, many military vehicles and soldiers can be seen, but there are no detaineesinfo-icon. The Patriarchs' cave are is quiet as well. Ofer Ohana (another particularly menacing settler) walks around but isn't disruptive.