Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 27.6.10, Morning

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Tal A., Yael Z. (Reporting)

Translator:  Charles K. 

Meitar crossing

The laborers have already gone through and the parking lot on the Israeli side is almost empty; everyone’s gone to work.  A Red Cross representative tells us that four buses with relatives of prisoners are scheduled to leave for the Ramon prison.  We saw only one bus waiting, its passengers overflowing the shed in which fenced railings created a winding line.  They stand waiting quietly. 

Route 60

Most of the barriers blocking the roads leading off of Route 60 have been removed; we see few vehicles as we drive, nor are children walking since schools are on vacation.

The vineyards are blossoming alongside the road. 


The town is silent and deserted, nor did we see the TIPH observers.

Cave of the Patriarchs checkpoint – 3 young detaineesinfo-icon wait for their documents to be inspected.  When we returned, 15 minutes later, they were no longer there. Gutnik Center is silent, the ceramic shops opposite are closed.

The Pharmacy checkpoint, Tarpa”t checkpoint and the position on Tel Rumeida – bored Naha”l soldiers, no one passing by.  The Zion route is still blocked on both sides.