Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 25.4.10, Morning

Leah S., Paula R. (reporting)

Translator: Charles K.

Laborers have gone through, but there are many vehicles parked on both sides of the crossing.  The peddlers now stand beyond the area controlled by the security company.

Route 60
The only permanent location where soldiers stop and inspect Palestinian vehicles is the Dura Alfawwar junction. There aren’t any detaineesinfo-icon there either.  We increasingly have the feeling, on the basis of the vehicles driving on the road, that it runs through the heart of a Palestinian area.

We arrived at 07:30, and at the Pharmacy checkpoint saw adults and children passing through the booth.  The children reorganize their bookbags after coming out, and the adults refasten their belts. “The Occupation routine,” Leah quotes from Hagit’s reports. Hearsay:  An observer from “Christians for Peace” excitedly noted that last Saturday the usual weekly educational tour of the city run by Hebron settlers didn’t take place.  We were told that a group of Palestinians with drums met the touring visitors, demonstrating by their presence from whom the city had been stolen and who owns the buildings that the settlers are pointing to as if they belonged to them.

Michael, whom we finally had the pleasure of meeting and enjoy his wonderful hospitality, confirmed the report.