Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 18.4.10, Morning

Yehudit K. and Yael A. (reporting)

Meytar Checkpoint
This morning, it transpired that, in anticipation of memorial day and independence day (April 19th-20th), a closureinfo-icon has been announced and imposed on the occupied territories. Meytar CP is thus deserted. There's a long line of tracks waiting on the Palestinian end, where it is usually bustling with private vehicles. Apparently, sand-transfer continues nonetheless.


Route 60
Dura Alfawwar: the CP is open.
Sheep Junction: CP open.
Children walk to school along the main road.


I haven't been to the patriarchs' city for a few months now and my eyes seem to perceive it differently now. On the hill, north of the entrance to Kiryat Arba, there are four orange structures which seem like the beginning of a new settlement. Opposite them, Kiryat Arba spreads towards Route 60, pushing against the last farmer at the entrance.
The prayers route: concrete blocks have been positioned at the entrance. Polite Nahal soldiers allow us to move on and offer their help in navigating if we need it. along the route, concrete blocks have been positioned in such a way as to block the narrow pathways between the houses and the route itself, as if route 60 were open to Jews only.

On the other hand, beyond the houses's walls, much renovation and reconstruction can been seen.

The Pharmacy and TARPAT CPs: deserted. A TIPH vehicle goes past us, another, empty one is parked uphill, on the Shouhadah St.

All soldiers' positions are manned by Nahal soldiers who watch quietly over things, do not intervene and are quite polite towards us. One wonders whether it is strained quiet or boring routine.