Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 21.2.10, Morning

Zviah S., Rachel A., Visitors: 6, Chana S. translating

Irtah,  dawn  

We reached the gate before 04.00.  Would it open?  The place was empty of security men (no Border Police, no police  (

The path entering from Tulkarm was, as usual, full of people waiting. 04.04     The carousels opened.  Most of the positions were open.  Within a few minutes the workers came out, with little or no delay in the rooms.An atmosphere of relief.  But there is still uncertainty – is this a sign of change, or just a one-day situation?Sunday is the busiest day because the workers who are allowed to stay overnight in Israel return home for the weekend.Will the gatesinfo-icon open at 04.00 also tomorrow?On the Palestinian side there was a television team.  No foreign volunteers.We left at 05.00.  Another Machsomwatch team remained, together with our visitors.A short and unfestive report.

The security authorities have acted cleverly.  Very late.