Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 19.1.10, Morning

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Tamar G. and Michal Z. (reporting)

trans. by Bracha B.A.
The CP is empty at 7am. Only a few prisoners' families are waiting in the shed, and there are two busses on either side.
Route 60
The almond trees are in full blossom and the air is clear and washed clean from the rain. The dissonance between the lovely panorama and the ugliness of people’s behavior in this place is stagerring.
Dura AlfawwarThe soldiers descended from the pillbox and stood outside for a long time, as we've seen them there again, on our way back. It didn’t appear as if they've detained anybody, but rather, were merely asserting their presence.
The city is silent. All schools are on vacation and children are not out on the streets. There are also fewer soldiers in the alleyways. The few people moving about are usually not detained.
The Pharmacy Checkpoint: is now manned by Border Police soldiers. A Palestinian was detained who shouted, “I come through here every day!”  He looked at us. “I live here,” he said.  We waited and he was released after a few minutes.
Tarpat and Tel Romeida Checkpoints:The checkpoints are manned by Shimshon Brigade soldiers. There are a lot of soldiers present but they don’t seem to detain anyone.The TIPH police are not seen anywhere on the streets. Like int'l peace activists, they apparently feel there is no need to make their appearance evident due to the schools vacation. Talking on the phone to some CPT volunteers, we're told that the TIPH working under UN jurisdiction were instructed not to respond to statements made by the deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon, concerning his recommendation to halt peace activities due to their alleged bias in favour of the Palestinians.
All in all the weather seems to have influenced everyone and Anat Cohen is also nowere to be seen. Only two settler guards with weapons cocked are guarding the settlers' children who are waiting for their schoolbus next to Beit Hadassah.