Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 25.10.09, Morning

Leah S., Paula R. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.    

Sansana-Meytar crossing
Many workers waiting for their rides on the Israeli side. A few dozen waiting outside on the Palestinian side, and in the passageway. People go through at an acceptable rate. The main complaint is that a second passageway for inspection hasn’t been opened. The people we spoke with also knew we were powerless to do anything. Death to the Arabs

Golani soldiers man the checkpoint. A youth is detained at the Pharmacy checkpoint.  Five minutes after we arrive he’s released. Leah explains what we’re doing to the soldiers at the checkpoint, and gives a soldier an information sheet. “This is bullshit,” he says.  “We’re humiliating them?!”

Route 60
Shuyukh junction: Golani soldiers check young men going through. Three detaineesinfo-icon, two soldiers questioning them at length, one of them occasionally pointing his gun at various targets, including us. What fun. They’re released after about 10 minutes, which pleases the waiting female relatives. The reason for the flying checkpoint: “Stone-throwing,” and then a correction: “Putting rocks on the road.” Concerned about our safety, they warn us not to stop. We'll Arabs for removal of settlements
Route 35
We drive to Tarqumiyya without additional incidents. Access to the bridge from the road is blocked by boulders and mounds of earth, as is our expectation of spending some time in the shops selling glass souvenirs. “We will clothe you in garments of concrete and cement”: Route 3415, which connects to the new road, Route 358. On the way back: Returning, we turned before Beit Guvrin, onto Route 3415 to Lachish, Amatzia and Shekef, and to our surprise, a highway (and what a highway!) lead, after the junction with the new Route 358, to the Shoket junction. The patrol road parallels the highway. It goes to the localities of the settlers who were evacuated from the Gaza Strip, and extensive infrastructure works are underway. On the other side, the Palestinian localities that are shut off behind the security fence or the wall. Here’s where they chase after Palestinians who are in Israel without permits. 
We recommend the road.