Abu Dis, Sheikh Saed, Mon 2.11.09, Afternoon

Orit Y. Ruth O. (Reporting)

14.30 – 16.30

Our shift was hampered by some problems with our car.

When we approached Sheikh Saed from jabel Mukaber we noticed that the heaps of rubbish on the mound below the village had been burnt. The stench that rises from them is even worse than before. Even the cats seem to realize this and a large number of them can be seen on the ash mound.

The checkpoint at the entrance does not seem very busy; a few women were leaving and one family entered. The head of the family smiled at us but expressed his opinion of the situation with a twisted facial expression.
Outside stood a young man accompanied by his mother and wife. He approached us asking how long we think 'this' will go on. He told us his parents live in Sheikh Saed but his wife is from the old city carrying an Israeli ID. He himself has a court permit to stay with her. He said he is allowed to visit his family in Sheikh Saed but had been told at the CP that once he enters the place he will not be allowed out again…..

Our car started showing alarming signs (the red battery sign came on) while we were travelling the dirt road called the 'American Road'. Never the less we decided to continue to Abu Dis.

As has been reported last week, the 'Pishpash' CP has been dismounted and we could see for the first time the stores that were hidden by the concrete wall that was part of the CP. All parts of the wall are thrown by the street.

We planned to go on to Wadi Nar but at that point more alarm signs appeared on the car's screen and we decided to rush to a safe port. We chose the French Hill. On the way there we felt a terrific bang and to our surprise this was not the engine exploding but a stone that hit us just five centimeters below the driver's window. We are not able to point to the exact location from which stone came.