Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 22.10.09, Morning

Mira B. and Aviva (reporting)

translated by Naomi S.
As we arrived we saw many vehicles standing on the Israeli side of the checkpoint, waiting for workers, so we knew the passage was slow this morning. We went to see what was going on, on the Palestinian side. A long line workers stood there, on the Palestinian side. They told us that pressure was considerable around 4.30am. People pushed, and whoever didn't, didn't pass through, missing a whole day's work, because they didn't arrive on time. Mira called Shlomi, the CP's manager, but there was no answer.
There were also two busses of prisoners' families there, on way to their visit.
Route 60
At the turn to Karme, there was an accident. A private Palestinian car turned over, on the side of the road; one was badly injured and evacuated by an ambulance already. There were two military jeeps on location, with paramedics who said they helped to evacuate.
The Pharmacy CP and the CP right next to the Patriarchs' Tomb parking lot are quiet and there are no detaineesinfo-icon. We went a bit by foot in Tel-Rumeida. The graffiti "was against a sub-race" is still visible on the wall of the deserted military position. Next to the wholesale market, Anat Cohen spotted us, took some photos and provoked, chasing us by both foot and car, until we left. Opposite the Patriarchs' Tomb, someone from the Gutnik House parked his car so close to the entrance to the house-ware shop, that the owner couldn't open his business, and left it shut. Rather massive drilling works take place on the road next to the checkpoint, at the Palestinian entrance to the Patriarchs' tombs.
Route 35
Hazayit Throughway: there's no checkpoint.
Idna: rolling checkpoint with three soldiers who check-up every car, go through documents, make the drivers step out, and check through car and boot.