Qalandiya, Sun 30.8.09, Afternoon

Roni H., Ruth F., Tamar F. (reporting and taking pictures)

Six days of traffic jams. Six days of heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the vicinity of the checkpoint.

It is probably meaningless in the eyes of those looking through the rifle's sight, especially in comparison with how they managed to make the checkpoint seem as though there has been an improvement, using announcement like that of the Security Force's which claimed there would be relieves during the Ramadan Fridays.

They had managed it so well that we too nearly fell for it and joined the song along: "Nifla Po..." (Everything is wonderful over here).

This is nothing more but an attempt to mask an acne filled face and create a false impression.

The mask must be removed and the daily reality of the Palestinians' lives seen for what they really are, and also reveal the truth hiding behind those Ramadan Fridays.

Remains from the previous Friday had been left. Some posters were glued to the wall. the evidence of the great lie was to be found in the difference between the English and the Arabic letters:

"HUMANITARIAN LANE", read a sign that was taken off, another IDF euphemism which has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

- The passage regulations on Ramadan Friday haven't been altered and their rigidness hadn't been toned down for years.

- This sign is obviously meant for the eyes for the US government and the press.

We weren't able to document during this shift what had been so clear two days ago, during the Ramadan Friday: the polite manner in which the security forces maintained themselves, no matter what unit they belonged to, like a well rehearsed choir song they all greeted the Palestinian, and were polite enough to "ask" those under fifty years, to head back. For example a Bonder policeman gently grasped the body of a person he was leading back to the other side of the fence, saying: "you are 48, please came back in two years".

Today we witnessed a rather different tune: "Listen to me, listen: Go back! - you won't listen?- then get the hell back!"

This is the usual voice during the remaining six days, when the media isn't watching; the checkpoint and its vicinity go unnoticed and continue with their vicious mission of erasing the images of human beings.

They still have their stubbornness. But sensitivity is something that will probably wait until next Friday, when the flock of international (none of them Israelis) reporters and photographers and cover with astonishment the ways of the enlightened occupation and the moral integrity of the Jewish soldier.

And only one woman, that had made an effort to drive her car up the narrow paths that the wall bricks had left, smiled to us and asked: "Do you see all this?"

Then she bitterly added: "It is because we are stupid people", and said no more.
 The landscape from the Jaba CP