Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 13.8.09, Morning

Ya'el & Na'ama (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Sansana CP
CP is empty.  The security personnel ask people in cars entering the territories for their IDs. 

Road 60
Samoa CP: open

Road 317 
Workers are putting up electric lighting poles in the area of the settlement of Avigail.
Zif Junction: A truck loaded with heavy rocks appears to be breaking up a roadblock. It was not clear to us where the roadblock was before and what it was blocking (the rocks were on the side of the road next to a house and not near the road).
Curve 160Two Border Police soldiers in the pillbox, not especially interested in what is going on around them.
The Pharmacy CP: empty.
Tarpat Junction CP: empty.
Tel Romeida
Two women stand and talk with the soldiers. They stand at the back of the line put up by the soldiers, which Palestinians are prohibited from crossing. One of the women tells us that her fourteen and a half year old son came down through the Tel Romeida CP, intending to enter H1 area via Tarpat CP, but that he then called her from a soldier’s phone, saying that he was detained for lack of an ID (apparently the soldiers took him to be older than he actually is.)  She asked him where he was but the phone call was disconnected and she could not reach the number. She had therefore come to the checkpoint with her son’s birth certificate, looking for him. 
Despite the fact that two soldiers at the checkpoint tried to help her it was obvious that they were impatience, scolding her for talking to us in Arabic.  Throughout the conversation with her one of them did not stop playing with a large knife (he obviously didn't consider how this might be be interpreted by others).  The soldiers claimed they didn’t know where the boy was and that he had not been detained at Tel Romeida. They called other soldiers at the Tarpat Junction and explained to the mother that they were not holding her son either.  We asked them if other soldiers could have detained him, to which they responded that it might be at the Bnei Avraham neighborhood (several kilometers away and nowhere near where he intended to go). Some time later, an Arabic-speaking army medic arrived at the CP.  He treated the mother much more kindly, and was far nicer and more sympathetic than the others.  
We took the mother’s phone number before leaving, but when we tried to call later on, there was no answer.
Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave CP: Children are walking towards area H1, carrying large food containers. We were told that this was soup, supplied by the Waqef. Once weekly, meat is supplied, too. They take those full containers back home, to feed the rest of their family.