Corona Times Report: Duma - I just wanted to say I was worried about you

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Raia Y transfers a telephone report, Tal H (translator)

Nighttime, under my covers I hide my hide, planning to sleep...

H., the grandfather from Duma village is on the phone:

"What, mom does not phone to ask how her son is doing??

"I just wanted to say that I'm worried about you. Don't go out".

I answered him that I'm trying my best to follow instructions and that I meant to call him in the morning.

S.'s brother has been appointed village elder. With a population of 3,000, this is a significant and influential role, but unpaid...

In his short time in office, the brother has managed to lower the village's extensive debts by turning to those who can afford to help.

Guards have been posted at the entrance to the village. No one comes in or goes out. Whoever intends to do so is questioned.

Grandson A. has been joined by three other grandchildren and they have turned day into night and vice versa.

H. is about to finish his tiling work in 2 days and has no idea what he'll do for a living afterward.

Everyone is endlessly concerned about the morrow.