Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Ariela (reporting) and M.; Translator: Natanya

At the Meitar crossing a new terminal has been opened. Hundreds of cars on the Palestinian side.

We decided this time to go through Tena-Omriem, a settlement in one of the most beautiful areas of South Hebron

As one goes up to Tene one sees the way that leads of Dahariya which has been closed for 15 years. At the entrance to the settlement we encounter a big sign which tells us of new families which are being absorbed and there is massive building going on.

We went on to the road of Ramadin-Eshkolot, road 3255 so as to return to road 60. From there Kibbutz Lahav can be seen, the separation fence, and beyond the wall, Negohot. That is Ramadin and Negohot kiss one another and only the wall separates them.

Under the separation fence we saw someone riding on a white donkey. The Messiah.