Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Yehudit K (reporting) and M.D. Translator: Natanya

Meitar checkpoint – the terrible traffic jam of Sunday. Few illegal workers because there were plenty of police at the sensitive points, before and after the checkpoint itself. Road 60 relative quiet. Military barriers only at al Fawwar, Shuyukh (next to Halhul))! Road 317 deserted and empty ... We drove to Umm Fakir – which name means Mother of Poverty, and indeed, except for at Umm Al Kheir  which is close we have never seen such poverty. We sat with the Awad family (the man was not present ): two women and a few children between the ages of 3-10 (the elder children were not there).  A cement cube. There's improvised electricity, four chairs and nothing else, bare electric wires that look dangerous.

According to the women, all small village houses have recently received demolition orders. A lawyer has been hired to try to save the houses. The harassment of settlers go past to the Avigail and Havat Maon. The army of course protects the invaders. Children go to school in Tuwani on foot, apparently undisturbed by the settlers. We saw a donation that someone had given: Rugs, blankets, even TV and this has caused great joy.