Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

Etzion DCL: Where is the justice in the Occupation Empire?

10:40 The waiting room was empty.  A kind soldier offered help. Two people who were standing outside approached us. The older one said he had a permit to enter Israel, but one day, when he arrived as usual at the checkpoint and wanted to pass, he was told he was prevented. He tried to bypasses the checkpoint, even though he knew they usually catch infiltrators and indeed he was caught. Although his permit was valid, it was taken from him and he was told that he is already listed as being prevented from passage. When he came to the DCL to clarify the prevention, he found out that he was prevented for a year. He seemed perplexed and asked for help. 

A worried mother, on the verge of hysteria, approached us. She said her son (29 years old) is a certified mental patient, he was hospitalized for five years and was released, now getting regular medical treatment. He worked for a few days in the Occupied Territories with his cousin. When he asked his cousin for his pay the cousin refused to pay him. When he insisted, his cousin went to the authorities and said that his cousin is an ISIS member. Her son went to court but lost the case. The judge wrote in the minutes that there is "significant evidence " and sentenced him to six months of administrative detention that could be extended every six months. 

Other people came to us and we tried to advise and help as best we can.