'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

 Hannah Heller, with Pierre (driver)

14:55. A’anin checkpoint

Soldiers alight from a D.C.O. vehicle for their watch, at 15:00 precisely, and open the gatesinfo-icon.  The passage begins after a few minutes. Only 24 people and 4 tractors loaded with salvage pass without checking. Did fewer people leave the village today because of the events? The soldiers had not been there in the morning and did not know.

15:20. Turah checkpoint

Opposite the entrance to Daher el-Malec, a large stretch of land that was previously a tobacco field is being leveled. Is this connected to the project of widening the road?

Few pedestrians pass in both direction and passage is quick. A tile-layer from Yabed, who works in various settlements, arrives with his tools – an instrument for cutting tiles. At least once a week he passes with this tool with no problems, but this time they demand that he get authorization (D.C.O.?) to transfer the tool to Yabed. By chance a D.C.O. representative arrives, the tile-layer asks him for help, but this representative also refers him  to get authorization. When he asks to whom he should apply, the D.C.O. man tells him to look it up on the Internet. No wonder that Palestinians are so angry! The tile-layer left his tool in Um Reihan and crossed, going home.

16:00. Barta’a checkpoint

One by one the cars arrive, dropping off workers who rush to the sleeveinfo-icon and then home. A youth carrying a large oven wants to pass through the vehicle checkpoint and is allowed to do so (without pre-coordination!) The exit from the checkpoint to the lower parking lot proceeds efficiently, in spite of the single turnstile. At 16:15 the stream of returning workers gets stronger, but passage is quick and orderly. Families and women loaded with bags pass to the West Bank and the young people help them.