Habla Checkpoint (1393), Oranit Checkpoing 1474

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Karin Lindner, Tzvia Shapira (reporting); Translator:  Charles K.

Tzvia wanted to learn how to reach the Oranit, Abu Salman and Jaloud checkpoints.

We reached Oranit checkpoint at 13:00.  Four Palestinian residents of ‘Azzun ‘Atma were there.  They said the checkpoint opens only at 14:30.  One of them has 17 dunums of olives in Oranit and another works in greenhouses belonging to people from Abu Salman.  Z. says ‘Azzun ‘Atma’s lands reach to Kafr Qassem.

He said that to obtain a permit the tabu on their land must be renewed each year.  All members of his family applied for permits to work their land but only he and his wife received them.  All the other younger people who want to work on their lands can’t access them.  Z. received a permit valid for two years, and is happy about it.  Other family members aren’t allowed to access the lands.  Each area of land has a quota of people who are allowed to access it.  Only one person is allowed to work a 10 dunum plot.  They leave the car outside the Oranit checkpoint.  M., the young man, went through with a cart pulled by a donkey who grazed peacefully on the grass.

The gate opens at 08:00, which is very late because it gets very warm soon after they begin working.  About 40-50 people go through this checkpoint in the morning.

It opens again at 14:30, and at 18:00.

We drove to the Habla checkpoint.  MP’s at the open gate.  They tell us the hours:

Morning  06:30-08:00

Afternoon  13:15-14:15

Evening  16:30-17:10


Abu Salman is open:

Morning  05:30

Afternoon  13:00

The soldiers at Habla also handle Abu Salman.

Then we drove to bring items to Z.’s second-hand store.