'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ruthie T., Roni S. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

06:00 - Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint

There are many workers and many cars that came to pick them up, filling the upper parking lot on the side of the seamline zone.  An unending stream of workers continue to come up from the terminal and leave the checkpoint.  In the lower parking lot, from which people enter the terminal, there is still a long line.

06:15 – We counted a group of 110 workers that passed through the turnstile at one time.  The line lengthens and shortens alternately.

06:30 – The front parking lot is full but in the area behind the shed there is enough space.   At least 10 loaded trucks wait for passage through, that will begin at 08:00.

06:35 – Anin Checkpoint


עאנין יוצאים למסיק.jpg
photo: Ruthie T

עאנין יוצאים למסיק עם שחר.jpg
photo: Ruthie T

The checkpoint is opened on time. People are already leaving it, most of them are farmers heading for the olive harvest.  At the beginning, many young people passed through and only after them, older women and men.  Seven tractors also passed

through, with women on wagons.

We tried to identify the woman who complained yesterday that her son did not receive a permit and therefore could not help with the harvest.  We were not successful in finding her.

07:15 – The last Palestinians passed through and the soldiers began to close the checkpoint despite the fact that they are supposed to remain there until 07:30.

07:20 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

The checkpoint opened with a 10-minute delay, at 06:40.  As yet there are many workers waiting to pass through and there is much anger.    We are surrounded by small school children and when they enter the checkpoint we see that the soldiers send them to the inspection booth. Two female teachers who also leave say that they were sent to be inspected.  Is this a new regulation as of today?  The soldiers refuse to speak with us and we call the Liaison and Coordination Office to find out.  The workers who leave also complained that checking the children at the booth delays the workers who are rushing to work. 

At the Liaison and Coordination Office, they confirm that from today they are also inspecting children because a month ago, at this checkpoint, a military policeman was stabbed by a 12-year-old girl.  Therefore, they are making the regulations more strict.  I said that now 7- 8 year-olds were sent for inspection and the female soldier at the Office said that she would look into this.

Several cars pass to the seamline zone from the West Bank along with people with new containers of olive oil.

A young man turned to us (for help). After a work-related accident, he was referred to Kfar Kara for physiotherapy, but he is not able to get a permit to go.  Ruthie gave him Tammy’s telephone, and perhaps she can help.

07:50 – A number of people are waiting for rides outside; the passage at the checkpoint ends.