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Nura R., Hanna P. (reporting)

Falamiya North

06:00 – The gate for pedestrians is open (the tractors pass through later by a different gate). A group of people warm themselves around a fire in a small shack to the side. Contrary to normal, three women arrive independently and enter by themselves. 

We asked about the work that is being done in the fields. Za’atar is now the main crop. There is also picking of avocados and growing of cauliflower. Some people carry water for their sheep and graze them. One worker tells us that his task is to connect the water pipe outside of the fence to the other side. One man told us that he has many friends at Tzur Alon, and that because he is over 55 he is permitted to go over there and also to do refurbishments. His five sons work mainly in agriculture. He added that all of them had studied at the university of Nablus, majoring in different subjects. He always enters by car and they arrive by tractor. He also told us that the preferred subject for girls is teaching – this way they are able to help support the family.

All in all 16 tractors, 3 cars and one donkey entered.

Falamiya South

At seven am the gate was already open. Many arrived with spraying machines.  A total of 11 tractors went through.