Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:45 When we arrived, 27 people were waiting in the hall. Some were let in every now and then, emmerging satisfied after a short time. They said the soldiers were working in earnest and not having fun the way they used to years ago. When we left, there were 20 people in the waiting room and things were working the way they should.

A guy approached us and said he was working in Israel without a permit, although he was not "prevented." According to him, since he is working without a permit, the contractor pays him 50 extra shekels per day. If he had a permit, the contractor would not pay an extra 50 shekels because he would have to pay the State 50 shekels for employing a Palestinian. We advised him to get a permit, because without it he had no rights and could not be helped if he fell ill or was injured. He said that the employer advised him to get a permit and that he intended to do so.

An older man told us that his friend’s vehicle was confiscated by the authorities, because according to them he worked in zone C. The work was done for an EU organization and they promised to handle the return of confiscated vehicle. Presumably, the State will collect “hosting fee” for the vehicle for the days the days it had been in storage.

A young man complained that he has been "prevented" by the police after his cousin was accused of an overrunning attack. We gave him advises on how to remove his prevention.

Two people who had been helped by Silvia in removing their preventions expressed their appreciation and gratitude.