Anin: When will the agricultural checkpoints be opened already?

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Phone report – Anin Received by Neta Golan, translated by Tal H.

On Monday, May 25, 2020 PM, second day of the 3-day Id Al Fitr holiday, M. of Anin called and wished to know whether I had inquired again at the Salem DCO about opening the Anin agricultural checkpoint. I answered in the negative and asked whether he had spoken with Nihaya at the Center for the Defense of the Individual. Apparently she was absent and he was told to call again on Wednesday. I promised to call the Salem DCO the next morning.

May 26, I called. A woman-soldier answered and did not know when it would be opened. According to what she had found out, she was told they have not yet decided when. I reminded M. to call the Palestinian DCO and the Center for the Defense of the Individual on Wednesday. He said he would, but so far he did not update me, nor have I phoned him.

This morning, Thursday, May 28, the Eve of Shavuot, he called and said he had spoken with Nihaya, who informed him that on Monday, June 1, the checkpoint would be opened. If not, he should call her again. Later M. called back and apologized for forgetting to wish me a happy holiday… I wished each other and both families happiness and good health. Happy Shvuot!

As of June 8 , the agricultural checkpoints in the north-western West Bank have not yet been opened, while all other checkpoints are back to normal activity.