Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Daphna J., Judith K. (Reporting), Muhammad D.

We left Beer Sheva / Omer at 9.30 so the workers had already passed the Meitar checkpoint. Muhammad was reported which had been  very busy in the morning and we saw very many cars parked outside beyond the checkpoint  on Highway 60 because of  lack of space. Road 60 to  Al fawwar was quite busy, all the barriers from Dahariya  to Dura-El Pawwar were open.

Despite the  winter holidays (in respect for the  Christians the Palestinian Authority closes the school for the Christmas holidays) we did not see many children along the way.

We visited the village of Simiah  (Area C), which Route 60 has divided into two for nearly a year. Some children learn in the western part of the village, and some cross the dangerous road to the school in the eastern part. About a year ago, the West Simiah School was destroyed by the Israeli  army. The residents set up tents and the children studied there in all conditions in spite of the weather for nearly a year. Three months ago, residents collected money and built a new school, where 20 children from the ages of 6-12 are studying. There are three teachers plus a teacher / principal, whose salaries are paid by PA. There is electricity provided by  the PA as well. The school is well kept and clean but poor in learning accessories.

It seemed that everything was fine. But not: The Israel Antiquities Authority claims that there are archaeological  remains in the village (unclear exactly what) and issued an order to stop work on the school. Residents took a lawyer and the case will be brought before a court ... It is unclear whether an Israeli court, or a military Israeli. The village is peaceful, beautiful and well-kept, with its people connected to Combatants for Peace organization. Real suspects.