Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

Sunday morning, the Meitar checkpoint was busy early in the morning, with trucks and workers.

We turned to road 317, to Susiya, we visited Azzam, who had gone  to work in Israel. His children, who live in Yatta, also work in Israel.

According to his wife, the situation was relatively calm, there was no trouble from the settlers during  the harvest, but they expect problems when plowing. That morning a settler with sheep came down to the areas of Susiya.  They  called police and were  waiting for them to come.

Friends from Taayush  and B'Tselem also came to Azzam's neighbors and it turned out (later from Basel) that demolition orders had been handed over in the area.

We continued to A-Tuwani.  Basel went with Taayush and B'Tselem, because demolition orders had been issued against several houses in the area and also in A-Tuwani and they are waiting for arrival of  the demolition “experts”.

In the village of Rakiz, settlers invaded a house inhabited by people, claiming it was theirs. Since this is an area which settlers are not allowed to enter, the Palestinians summoned  the army and police. The settlers explained that the settler was new to the place and did not know the situation.

Since there are no people from abroad who usually come to help and document, they ask Israelis to come to support them and to document what is happening,

On the way back,  all along the road there are new roadblocks!

The fields are green, the sheep and goats are grazing and the occupation blossoms....