Bartaa Checkpoint has returned to function as the busiest checkpoint in the area.

Tsafrira Z. and Hanna H.

Today the checkpoint opened at 15:20, and all those who were waiting entered the checkpoint area:11 people and 3 loaded tractors. M. returns with junk and this time they let him pass through. Another tractor is loaded with tree prunings (apparently for heating). The crossing is quick and after 10 minutes, the checkpoint closes.

We are told that in the morning, the checkpoint has opened at 06:45 (a delay of a quarter of an hour) and it closed after 10 minutes (instead of keeping it open for 30 minutes).

15:45 - Tura Checkpoint

The Shaked settlement is expanding and new houses are coming closer to the checkpoint. The checkpoint, which is rich in sophisticated devices for supervision and direction for workers, is quiet, as usual.  Two cars and a woman, crossing through the sleeveinfo-icon (the enclosed pathway to and from the checkpoint), are returning from the West Bank to the Seamline Zone. One car with passengers crosses to the West Bank; the crossing in both directions is fast.

16:10 - Barta’a Checkpoint

Many workers return from Israel, mostly from the city of Harish, which is being built. They go quickly down the sleeve, on the way home. They appeared to be pleased and bless the hajiot ( the righteous women), that is, us.

Women return to Barta’a after shopping in Jenin. In the shed for vehicle inspection, in the direction of the Seamline Zone, 6 cars wait with their hoods, doors, and trunks open, being inspected. Cars with passengers cross to the West Bank through the checkpoint with no inspection. A new guard at the checkpoint is surprised to see Israeli women in the sleeve, and when we tell him who we are, he prefers to receive an explanation from the veteran guard.