Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

Whether because of procedure changes, or the bothersome rain – either way, small graces were granted the Gazan patients who were allowed to exit half an hour earlier than usual and proceed home.

Several yards from the place assigned the transport vehicle that picks up the Gazan patients, a spot designated for back-to-back ambulance transfer (order must be kept, order is kept, all by the book), two ambulances met and transferred a cancer patient who had undergone treatment at August Victoria (East Jerusalem) Hospital and continued his journey in a West Bank ambulance on to Qalqiliya.

A resident of Kufr ‘Akeb said that in a week’s time three apartment buildings will be demolished in his village, and added: “They say it’s for the new road. Would they demolish the home of a skullcapped Jew, too, for the sake of paving a road?”

I thank all those to have inquired – Ilay of “Adam” settler-colony has fully repaid his debt.