Tzurif - report during Corona days - no Covid 19 cases

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Ronit R. - telephone report; Translator:  Charles K.

Report based on telephone conversation.

I telephone A. from Tzurif.

He’d contacted me regarding a court appeal against his security blacklisting.

His request to have the blacklisting cancelled was denied.

We’re not now filing new appeals.  March 13 was the last date on which the attorney, Tamir Blank, had appellants sign court documents (there’s at least one document every appellant must sign in person in the presence of an Israeli attorney, at which time they also pay the fee).  After that date we’ve been unable to have new appellants sign.

Meanwhile, A. has an additional problem, which we’ve seen in the past.  He’s also blacklisted by the police.  That was supposed to have been cancelled.  A. wasn’t able to see whether it had been cancelled because he doesn’t have an updated magnetic card.  It’s not now possible to obtain a new magnetic card because of the corona virus, and without a card he’s unable to connect to the website of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (an application allows one to check the existence of a blacklisting, and which kind, via the telephone).

Sylvia investigated and was told A. was still blacklisted by the police.  The police document we received indicates “house arrest/incarceration for the duration of the proceedings.”  House arrest or incarceration for the duration of the proceedings is imposed prior to trial.  After trial and sentencing, the notation should be erased from the computer.  The person bears the punishment imposed by the sentence and then is barred from entering Israel for an additional period, according to the draconian police rules.

We’ve already seen cases in which the computer wasn’t updated following the conviction, the notation “house arrest/incarceration for the duration of the proceedings” remained, and consequently the blacklisting wasn’t cancelled when it should have been.  Sylvia will have to file a technical appeal on his behalf via Attorney Blank in order for the computer notation to be corrected and the blacklisting cancelled.

I telephoned A. to update him.  As in all conversations these days we asked how each other was.  He reports that they’re alright.  There is food in the shops and many people work within the village.  One village resident who returned from Israel fell ill with corona.  He was diagnosed before reaching the village and is hospitalized in Hebron.  There are no other cases in the village.