Wadi Radim: A settler with his sheep invades the village fields

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Muhammad and Daphna;Translator: Natanya

Sunday morning, much traffic and many workers and vehicles.

Route 60, Samoa entrance open

The entrance to Dahariya is open, but inside there is a PA checkpoint.

Entrance to El Fawwar  is open. There are even some vegetable stalls which were demolished two weeks ago and probably will soon be demolished again

Along the road there are electricity poles which are being prepared  only for settlements, of course ....

At the entrance to Hebron, there is no military checkpoint, but inside there is a PA checkpoint.

Further there are works by the PA, apparently for the building of a traffic junction and a road.

The Sheep junction is open, ready for winter, after renovations have been made.

We turned to 356, which continues to 317.

Near Asael there is a lone settler, Israel Kaplan, who established an outpost for himself and with his sheep enters the fields of Abu Safi!

We went to visit him in Wadi Radayim, the Abu al-Dabash family, a small family, some of whom live in Samoa. Abu Safi is a farmer, works his lands and has flocks of  sheep. Their home is up in the mountain, detached and far from the main road and the physical conditions are very difficult. His wife and daughters help with the household and the animals. The young people go to school, have to walk a distance to the road where there is  transportation. One of the 20-year-old girls loves to paint and wants to study, but there is no possible framework for her in the area ....The only thing that really bothers them, is the settler who every time invades their fields with his herds and causes damage and frightens them and they have no one to turn to, no one helps .....

The routine of the occupation