'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Elya L. , Ruti T. (Reporting) Marcia L. , Translation
במחסום עאנין 20.11.16.jpg
Remnants of a bonfire next to Anin Checkpoint


Anin Checkpoint, 15:25

The soldiers arrive exactly when we do. The gatesinfo-icon were opened on time and tens of farmers pass through with no delay on their way home from the olive harvest. In the tubular concrete waiting shed near the checkpoint, there are remnants of a bonfire. One of the Palestinians says that the soldiers burned it. The soldiers say that the Palestinians left a burning bonfire and they, the soldiers, put it out. A lot of cartridge shells are thrown next to the inside area of the gate. A soldier, a bit confused, says they will evacuated them. 


Tura-Shaked Checkpoint, 15:55

Two Palestinian fire trucks were parked opposite the Checkpoint. The firemen were busy for several hours today, putting out a fire at a large plastics factory in Barta'a. At the aforementioned Tura Checkpoint that is fortified (generator, electric gates and pillars that peer up from the ground), it is possible to go through by car only when there is electricity. Right now, there is none. A technician will come in another hour, but in the meantime, only pedestrians cross here. Drivers bring people to the checkpoint and return the same way. After continuing consultations between the firemen and those who sent them, the fire trucks leave. 


במחסום טורה 20.11.16_0.jpg


Barta'a- Reihan Checkpoint, 16:30

Farmers, and especially women and children, arrive from the West Bank. Many workers return home without a delay.  Individuals carry presents from a celebration for their children.